Briar Chapel was established as a community “to preserve valuable natural resources while developing a sustainable community that met the demands of a thriving local economy.” It was touted as an environmentally conscious and aware community, committed to sustainability efforts. Many people chose this community based on those values and principles. Over the past year, as we continue to hear the Board and Management express their commitments to these values, particularly in our common areas, our individual yard spaces have come under attack for the very practices that Briar Chapel was forged to protect and preserve. Homeowners are being cited for sustainable habitats and returning their yards to ecologically sound spaces for plants and wildlife. This practice is supported both by science and by environmental activists across the country, including local county experts. States are now passing laws that prohibit HOAs from disallowing native yards. Explain the contradiction of your expressed support of environmental best practices in this community, while you also support Design Guidelines that punish individual homeowners for carrying out such practices on their own properties. If this contradiction is problematic for you, please state as such and explain how you would go about creating parity and policies for individual homeowners that reflect our collective community values.

From Jennifer Allran | Salt Cedar

Answers from Candidates: