This page contains information about the Briar Chapel Community Association (BCCA) election:

  • Election Information and Timeline
  • Candidate Information
  • How to Participate in our Election Process

Election Information and Timeline

The BCCA Board of Directors consists of five homeowners elected by the members (homeowners) of the BCCA. Directors serve a two-year term and terms are staggered so that not all of the directors change in the same year. This year we are electing four (4) members of the Board. In accordance with Section 3.4(a) of the By-Laws, the Nominating Committee was appointed by the President of the BCCA Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee consists of: Michael Cunningham (Co-Chair), Rusty Fields (Co-Chair), Cath Kline, Andy Mahder, Lois Sobel, and Dave Zorich. Nominations open on Monday, Sept. 25, 2023 and close on Monday, Oct 2, 2023 at 8 am.

The 2023 election of the BCCA Board of Directors provides members a choice of voting online or with paper ballots. All completed ballots must be received by 12 pm (noon) on Nov. 15, 2023.

Results will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the BCCA which will be held on Nov. 15, 2023 at 6 pm as a virtual Zoom meeting. To be a valid election, 20% of the home and property owners must submit a ballot. Your participation, therefore, is very important!

2023 Election Timeline

Monday, Sept 25, 2023

Call for Candidates email sent to the community (Nominations open)

Monday, Oct 2, 2023 at 8 am

Deadline for nomination applications

Monday, Oct 2, 2023

Nomination meeting to validate candidates

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2023

Candidate meeting with Kuester Management

Friday, Oct 13, 2023

Mail Annual Meeting announcement with ballots

Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 at 6pm

Meet the Candidates Night

Wednesday, Nov 1, 2023 at 8am

Voting Begins (Online and Paper Ballots)

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023 at 12 pm (noon)

Voting Ends (Online and Paper Ballots)

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023 at 6pm

2024 Budget Meeting/2023 Annual Meeting (Election results are announced)

Thursday, Nov 16, 2023 at 6pm

BCCA Board Organizational Meeting (Election of new officers for the BCCA Board)

Candidate Information

On October 2, the Nominating Committee met to validate that all nomination applicants are 1) members of the BCCA and 2) members in good standing. Candidates who do not sign the Briar Chapel Ethics and Confidentiality Policy will not appear on the ballot. Once validated, BCCA Management notified candidates that their applications were accepted.

Each candidate’s application, bio, and other pertinent information provided by the candidate (platform, position statements, etc.) is linked below. BCCA has presented this information as provided by the candidate. We’ve listed the candidates in alphabetical order.

2023 Briar Chapel Board of Directors Candidates:

One of the four elected directors will serve a one-year term, while the other three will serve a two-year term. The director elected with the lowest cumulative vote total will serve the one-year term.

2023 Election Q&A

*As voting is currently underway, no further questions will be shared with the candidates.

2023 Budget Ratification and 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

2022 Budget Ratification and 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

How to Participate in our Election Process

BCCA members (homeowners) are encouraged to learn more about your Board of Director candidates and vote in the election.  There are multiple ways members can participate in the election process:

  • Members can submit questions for the candidates to the BCCA by emailing Management will send the questions to the candidates and the member’s names who submitted the questions. BCCA staff will post all responses in the Candidate Q&A.
  • Members should participate in the Meet the Candidates event on Thursday, Oct. 26, at 6 p.m. Members can submit questions to before the event, which Jeremy Mayes, BCCA General Manager, will moderate.


Voting Instructions

The BCCA uses cumulative voting. In 2023, there are four open positions, this means each member household will have four total votes. All votes may be assigned to a single candidate, split among 3 or less candidates or, one vote may be assigned to four separate candidates.

Online Voting

Online voting will be open starting Wednesday, Nov. 1 – Wednesday, Nov 15 at 12 noon using Vote HOA Now. This is a secure and efficient method to increase participation while saving both time and money. Each property with an email on file will receive an email invitation to vote from the community voting site. Please be sure to add this email address ( to your safe sender list/address book so you can participate. If we do not have your email on file or you do not receive an invite email by Nov. 1st, please contact the BCCA at 919-240-4955 or go to the web address listed below and click Contact Us to get your code: .

Voting online is easy, just three steps:

  1. Receive the invite email and click the link, or go directly to the voting site and enter your code.
  2. Register to vote by entering your name and email. This creates your ballot.
  3. Make your choices on the ballot and submit it.

When your vote is complete, you will receive an onscreen confirmation and an email that the vote has been recorded. Please note that each household only gets one (1) set of votes. Also, once ballots are sent to the voting website, they are final and cannot be changed.

Paper Ballots

The BCCA will mail the Annual Meeting announcement and paper ballots to members on Oct. 13, 2023. Paper ballots will be accepted starting Wednesday, Nov. 1 – Wednesday, Nov 15 at 12 noon. Ballots must be clearly marked. If you make a mistake, you may download a replacement ballot (Obtain a Ballot Here). Follow the voting instructions on the ballot. Please note that only one (1) ballot can be submitted for each property lot. If multiple ballots are received, the one received first will be counted. Once ballots are received, they cannot be changed or returned.

2023 Election and 2024 Budget Timeline

June 2023

30th (Friday) – All committee budget requests due to the respective Board Liaison

July 2023

11th (Tuesday) – Board to vote on all committee budget requests, as well as the 2024 and 2025 strategic planning items.

27th (Thursday) – GM Meeting with interested candidates

31st (Monday) – Communication of Election Timeline and Community Information

August 2023

1st (Tuesday) – GM present draft budget to BOD (Work Session) 14th (Monday) – GM present draft budget to FC

September 2023

25th (Monday) – Call for candidates

30th (Saturday) – FC Approve 2024 Master and Service Area Budgets

October 2023

2nd (Monday) – Candidate cutoff

10th (Tuesday) – BOD Approve 2024 Master and Service Area Budgets

10th (Tuesday) – GM meeting with candidates.

13th (Friday) – Notice of Meeting, budgets, and voting materials mailed

26th (Thursday) – Meet the Candidates

November 2023

1st (Wednesday) – Online Voting Opens

15th (Wednesday) – Annual Meeting; Online Voting Closes

16th (Thursday) – Organizational Meeting