Activities for all ages and activity levels

Conveniently placed throughout the community are a number of parks.  The parks offer a variety of recreational opportunities for all ages and activity levels.  They range from the peaceful lounging at the Hammock Park to the competitive action at the sand volleyball court, from the playgrounds for children to the bocce courts for adults.  Explore the parks and all they have to offer.

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone please follow the Park and Trail Rules.

Briar Commons

Location: At the intersection of Tobacco Farm Way and Owens Towne Rd

Features a village green with a picnic pavilion and a mini-amphitheater for concerts

Briar Patch Community Gardens

Location: On Heather Glenn Cir. — enter from Briar Chapel Parkway.  One of two community gardens tended to by the Garden Club.  The other is at Boulder Park.

Boulder Park

Location: At the intersection of Wildwind Drive and Treywood Lane. 

Features  a picnic pavilion, bocce courts, and horseshoe pitches.  One of the two community gardens is located at the East end of the park.

Clubhouse Playground

Location: Behind the Clubhouse at the intersection of Grovewood Lane and Endor Drive.  Features an array of children’s playground equipment.

Constellation Park

Location: At the end of Boulder Point Drive.  Features a telescope and places for stargazing.

Discovery Park (“Hammock Park”)

Location:  On Briar Chapel Parkway in between houses numbered 2456 and 2422.  Features hammocks for lounging.

Great Meadows Park

Location: At the intersection of Salt Cedar Lane and Beacon Ridge Blvd

Features picnic pavilion with restrooms, children’s playground, adult exercise fitness circuit, and a sand volleyball court. The site of several community gatherings throughout the year, along with food trucks when scheduled.

Sports Courts Complex

Location:  At the intersection of Briar Chapel Parkway and Boulder Point Drive.

Features courts for basketball, handball, pickle ball, and tennis. For details see separate Sports Complex Listing.

Space at these parks may be reserved for family gatherings or other private events.  For details see Amenity Rental Instructions.