Welcome to Briar’s Edge. This village is nestled between Boulder Park and Encore. It runs from Whispering Wind on the north side of Briar Chapel Parkway and includes a portion of Boone Street and Cliffdale Road, Post Oak Road and Ashwood Drive. Some residents affectionately refer to their area as the “Boonies”, but this area Is a hidden treasure.

One of the key features of this area is the Sports Courts, which offers tennis, pickleball and basketball for all ages. Lights support play into the evening and there is a Sports Pavillion offering a shaded picnic area and bathrooms.

Many of the homes in this section of Briar Chapel back up to the expansive, natural wooded areas that surround our community. Access to Briar Chapel’s extensive trail system is from Cliffdale Road, Whispering Wind and the cul-de-sac at the end of Post Oak Road, providing easy family access to nature just a short stroll from home.

Briar’s Edge is a tight-knit section of our community, a perfect spot to tour on bike or walking. We encourage you to explore the community and get to know this hidden treasure.

Photos by Kianta Morrison