Briar Chapel Community Association Covenant Compliance

The BCCA and each of its members (homeowners) are legally obligated to maintain certain property standards.

These standards, often referred to as covenants or restrictions, are contained in the Declaration and the Design Guidelines. These standards are provided to each BCCA member at the time of their closing.

We ask that each member please review community governance by clicking the links below.

Common Violations 

Lawn Grasses | Turf Standards: This includes missing turf (bald spots), weeds in turf, etc.

At the end of the maintenance period, a healthy, uniform, close stand of grass has been established, free of weeds and surface irregularities, with coverage exceeding 90 percent over any 10 sq. ft. and bare spots not exceeding 5 by 5 inches. 

Waste & Recycle Containers:

All trash and recycle containers must be units that conform to standards and are kept within a garage or in a screened or landscaped area. They shall not be visible from the street or from other houses. Any method of screening other than landscaping must be approved.***

***Certain non-landscape screens have been pre-approved: In order to maintain a uniform style throughout Briar Chapel, screens/enclosures may not exceed 54” maximum height, can be no wider than 3’ and no longer than 5’, and must be fully enclosed on at least three sides (two sides of screen plus the original garage wall). Gate(s) no wider than 3’ may be installed on either the side or rear of the enclosure; if installed, the gate(s) must be kept closed at all times except for ingress and egress of trash and recycling containers. Screens/enclosures may be constructed with wood or vinyl. Wooden containment areas must be either treated with a natural stain or painted to blend with the house exterior and/or trim. Lattice shall be pressure treated wood (1”x2” minimum suggested, square type not diagonal), vinyl allowed if having the three dimensional appearance of wood (flat vinyl is not allowed), and color shall match trim color of house, trim or any existing fencing.

Basketball Goals: This includes both permanent and temporary types. 

Basketball goals are to be as unobtrusive as possible and are not allowed to be permanently mounted to the house. Free standing portable basketball goals and permanent goals mounted in the ground are permitted as long as the backboard is mounted perpendicular to the street, the goal post is located within the private property boundaries at least 10’ from the front property line and at least 6’ inside the side property line. The post, padding, etc. and all other metal shall be black (or other dark color such as dark green) and the backboard shall be a safe clear composite material. Additional landscaping may be required around the goal post and between the goal post and property lines. Lighting fixtures attached to goal posts and backboards are not allowed. Goals located in rear yards are allowed (recommended in lieu of front locations) and shall be located a minimum of 10’ inside property lines; additional landscaping may be required on a case-by-case basis. As with all other exterior changes, homeowners are required to submit applications for all basketball goals and, if approved (per case-by-case/lot by lot basis), are required to perform periodic maintenance as necessary to keep goal and landscaping in good aesthetic and functional condition. 

Fences: Wood fences should be painted, stained or sealed. 

Mulch: (Shredded Hardwood, Pine Bark Nuggets or Pine Straw)

Mulching is required to help newly planted landscape materials retain moisture, establish healthy root systems, and reduce weeds. All shrub and groundcover areas, with the exception of groundcover beds, shall be mulched with a 2”-3” layer of shredded bark, pine straw, or pine bark nuggets. Mulch material should be compatible with the associated existing tree types (i.e., pine straw is to be used if the prominent existing trees of the specific areas are pines).

Seasonal Items: (Holiday Lights, Yard Art, etc.)

Seasonal items and art are allowed 30 days prior to such holiday and are to be removed within 15 days thereafter such “holiday.” All such items shall be located within the property lines. The Design Review Committee (DRC) reserves the right to request a homeowner to remove an item if, upon inspection, the DRC considers the item unsightly or a nuisance.


Flags may be flown from building-mounted staffs; they should be permanently mounted in a manner to coordinate with the architectural design of the structure and limited to one location. Free-standing poles are not permitted. Decorative flags on poles attached to the house are permitted and are limited to only one flag/pole per house. No flagpole shall be used as an antenna. 

Commercial Vehicles: 

Parking of any vehicle (other than emergency vehicles in the course of their duties) in alleys within the Community, or parking of commercial vehicles or equipment, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, golf carts, boats and other watercraft, trailers, stored vehicles or inoperable vehicles in places other than enclosed garages except temporarily during loading and unloading is restricted; provided, construction, service and delivery vehicles shall be exempt from this provision for such period of time as is reasonably necessary to provide service or to make a delivery to a Unit or the Common Area, For purposes of this provision, “commercial vehicles” shall be defined as trucks or vans with commercial writing on their exteriors or vehicles primarily used or designed for a commercial purpose, and vehicles with advertising signage attached or displayed on such vehicles exterior, but shall not include passenger cars with identifying decals or painted lettering not exceeding a total area of one square foot in size or official vehicles owned by governmental or quasi-governmental bodies.

Rubbish & Debris: 

Accumulation of rubbish, trash or garbage except between regular garbage pickups is restricted, and then only in approved containers which must either be stored in an enclosed garage or in the rear yard of a Unit.