Great Meadow East is on the southeastern corner of our community bordered by Great Ridge Parkway, Tyner Loop, Cardinal Ridge Road, Hawk Point Road and Granite Mill Blvd.  This community includes the eastern portion of Great Meadow Park, which includes:  a Dog Park, a basketball goal, some additional playground equipment, benches/swings and walking paths.  Also located in Great Meadow East is Morning Light Trace Park, located off the alley (Morning Light Trace) behind the homes on Great Ridge Parkway.  This park offers a childrens ropes course.

Great Meadow East also adjoins two of our local community schools giving our local kids an easy walk to school:  Woods Charter School (located on Woodland Grove) and Pollard Middle School (on Granite Mill Blvd).

There is a trailhead at the end of Hawk Point Road (currently closed due to construction) that provides access to our extensive trail system.

Great Meadow East is definitely worth exploring and getting to know better.