Welcome to Great Ridge North.  This village is one of our newest villages located along the northern end of Great Ridge Parkway starting at Pokeberry Creek and continuing north.  This area includes: Vandalia Avenue, Chauncey Circle, Copper Leaf Avenue and Monteith Drive.  

One of the key features of this area is the proximity to Pokeberry Creek and our extensive trail system.  Trails run on both sides of Pokeberry Creek south of Vandalia Avenue, behind the Chauncey Circle homes and behind the east side of Monteith Drive homes and up along Great Ridge Parkway to near the entrance on Mann’s Chapel. 

In addition, Chauncey Circle offers a green space for residents and kids to meet and play, and Copper Leaf also has a green space for residents to visit near their mail kiosk.

Great Ridge North is a welcoming sight as residents come and go from the entrance at Mann’s Chapel and we encourage you to explore this part of the community.  A friendly reminder:  as you approach the homes in this area, let’s be courteous and watch our speed.