This village is where Briar Chapel started back in 2008. At the heart of the historic district stands the Clubhouse and Pool Complex, serving as a hub for community gatherings and social activities. The Clubhouse Playground offers a convenient and shaded play area and Picnic Pavillion for our youngest residents and their families.

At the center of the community, five large Earth Castings by renowned artist Thomas Sayre, welcome visitors and residents alike. These captivating sculptures serve as a reminder of our community’s connection with nature and the arts.

The Briar Patch, which was the original community garden in Briar Chapel, is located on Heather Glenn. This garden is worked and shared by the members of the Briar Chapel Garden Club. In this park you will also find a custom sculpture, Metamorphosis, depicting a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly. Triangle Park, located at the intersection of Hill Creek Blvd and Harlow Bend, serves as a delightful gathering spot for friends and neighbors. Lastly, there is the Dog Park on Great Ridge Parkway offering an opportunity to play and get off leash for our furry friends.

Briar Chapel’s Historic District is more than just a residential area. With its inviting streets, central amenities, and captivating artistic elements, this village creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that residents are proud to call home. dapibus leo.