On Wednesday, June 21, the BCCA Board of Directors voted to update the 2023 season pool rules. There were four changes and clarifications made to the rules, which can be found HERE. The BCCA Board of Directors, in conjunction with the Property Manager, Pool Contractor, and Pool Committee will continue to monitor the needs of the pool throughout the pool season.


Q: Why do you still use the reservation system now that Covid is over?
A: Though the reservation system was put in place to allow the pool to re-open during Covid, it was widely accepted by the community to help alleviate crowding at the pool during peak times. The reservation system now allows residents to check and see when demand and reservations for pools may be high and plan their visit to the pool complex accordingly. Reservations are not required for use of the pool, though they will guarantee you access to the pool complex for your scheduled reservation time. Last year, there were four sessions during which the pool met capacity and closed to walk-ins.

Q: Why is deck resetting necessary?
A: Deck resetting allows the pool staff to reset and clear the deck to check for safety and sanitation issues. Additionally, it ensures equitable access to tables and seating during high demand times for all residents. We expect, with the new policy, that deck resetting will happen far less frequently, likely limited mostly to weekends and holiday demand periods.

Q: Why do we have the 10-minute break during the last 10 minutes of the hour?
A: The break is a contractual obligation with past and current pool management companies. It gives the pool staff time to take proper breaks, proper rotation, and check the safety and sanitation of the pool. The break also allows SAYOR patrons the opportunity to swim during open pool hours. This 10-minute break has been in effect at the Briar Chapel pool complex for at least 8 summers

Q: Why have we not added an additional pool complex?
A: Briar Chapel’s Master Association has two pools at the pool complex: an 8-lane lap pool and a resort style “activity” pool. There is a third pool in the Encore sub-association that is limited to residents of Encore, per their governing documents. A 2005 site plan, shown below, shows that the developer never intended to add an additional pool complex, though they have set some parcels aside for possible usage for future amenities. As is often the case with communities that develop over decades, much of what is shown has changed over the last 18 years as Briar Chapel evolved to meet market demands.

There are several reasons why an additional pool complex is not planned for Briar Chapel.

With Briar Chapel nearly built out, current usage levels of the pool do not justify the cost of building an additional pool complex in the community