In an effort to create and maintain a visually appealing, comfortable, and safe community, the Briar Chapel Community Association has created Design Guidelines for both Architectural Design and Landscaping. Before you make any alterations or additions to your house or garden you need to obtain approval from the Design Review Committee. This page shows you how to submit a Design Review Request.

Important Notes: These guidelines work together with the building codes of Chatham County NC. For most building alterations you will also need to file with the county for a building permit and obtain the necessary inspections. For more information go to Chatham County Permits and Inspections.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain both the Briar Chapel Design Review approval and any necessary Chatham County building permit before any work starts. The Briar Chapel Community Association does not keep track of county building permits nor does it express an opinion on a design’s compliance with the building codes.

Read the Guidelines: The guidelines include information on both architectural design and landscaping. Obtain a copy of the Briar Chapel Community Association Design Guidelines.

Complete the application: The application contains a checklist of all the information that is required. Omitting any of this information can delay your review. The application contains forms for both architectural and landscape review. Click here to go to the DRC application form and checklist.

Submit the application: There are several ways you can submit the application:

In Person: Bring the application to the office during business hours or drop it off in the after-hours box.

By Mail: Mail to Briar Chapel Design Reviews, 1600 Briar Chapel Parkway, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Pay the fee: Effective January 1st, 2024, the new DRC Application fee will be free for all items under the Path for DRC Member Review or $100 pass through fee if your application requires an Architects review. Right now we only accept the payment by check or you can pay online on your Kuester portal by card. Checks or Money Orders should be made out to Briar Chapel Community Association (BCCA). The fee must be received before the application will be reviewed. Bring the check to the office or mail it in.

For related questions call the Resident Services Director or the Community Manager at 919-240-4955 or email us at