CALL BEFORE YOU DIG:  All utilities in Briar Chapel are underground so it is important that you call 811 or go to the 811 website to arrange for the utility lines to be marked before you dig. This should be done even for simple plantings in your garden since some lines — especially the cable TV and internet lines — are close to the surface and are easy to break. These companies provide utility services to Briar Chapel:

Electric Service: Duke Energy Progress

800-452-2777  To report a power outage or other problem: 800-419-6356 or text OUT to 57801
Duke Energy Progress Web Site

On the Website you can Register for Electric Outage Alerts to receive phone or email alerts or text REG to 57801 for text alerts.

Natural Gas: Dominion Energy

877-776-2427    Gas Leaks 877-776-2427 or dial 9-1-1

Dominion Energy Website

Water: Chatham County Water

919-542-8270  Emergencies: 919-548-3006
For general information: Chatham County Utilities Website

For Water Quality reports go to Chatham County Water Quality Reports.

 Sewer: Old North State Water Company

In the event of a sewage spill:

  • Call Old North State Water Company 877-511-2911 (24 hours) or email Be specific on the location of spill. Only they can provide crews to repair leaks and clean up spills.
  • Report spill to NC Dept. of Environmental Quality, Water Resources Division 919-791-4200 (weekday office hours) / 800-858-0368 (outside office hours). They use these reports to track compliance with the sewer system’s operating permits.
  • Report to Briar Chapel Management Office 919-240-4955 (weekday office hours) / 855-546-9462 (outside office hours). They use these reports to alert the rest of the community and to monitor repairs.

Briar Chapel is served by a private utility sewer system owned and operated by Old North State Water Company. This system generates the reclaimed water that is used to irrigate the common spaces. Just as with the public utilities that provide gas and electric service, this is a company independent of ownership or control by Briar Chapel.

To start service, or pay your bill online, go to

Payment options:

1. Write check and mail with the remit coupon and envelope provided. Make check payable to ONSWC – Briar Chapel
2. Online Payments through  Please note they use a 3rd party processor and they do charge a transaction fee. A code to set up your username and password will be sent in your first bill.
3. Auto Draft (free program), you call us to set up over phone using your bank account and we draft your account on the same day each month depending on billing cycle.
4. Bill Pay (free program) utilizing your bank’s online payment functions. Set us up as a Payee on your bank’s site and they will send us your payment each month. 

Reclaimed water is explained at the EPA Information on Recycled and Reclaimed Water.

Due to the topography of the community, some homes use grinder pumps. For important information on how to use and care for your pump read the Grinder Pump Guidelines. If you have a problem with your grinder pump call Vaughan Utilities 919.266.3158.


Two companies provide internet, telephone, and cable services in various service bundles.

800-288-2020 AT&T Website

844-815-2644 Spectrum Website

Trash & Recycling

Trash and recycling is collected every Monday. Weekly pickup of household trash and recycling is contracted by the Briar Chapel Community Association with GFL Environmental (along with Waste Industries, which is part of GFL). For questions call the Resident Services manager at 919-240-4955 or send an email to For disposal of yard waste, electronic equipment, hazardous material, or large amounts of recyclables Chatham County provides services. See: Chatham County Waste Services.